We have acquired a new ‘puppy’. He is a Springer/Cocker cross so has boundless ene4renergy
2018 has been a busy years. Summer slow to arrive but now unending sunshine! Do come and visit Ireland before it pours! But, first,  please read our 2017 Spiranthes Report; it shares some light on the mysterious  occurrence of this species in Ireland. Recent work has been in regard to the Merganser Population of Lough Allen,  current observations in our BLOG, and a new TRIO section (BELOW) specifically studying one group. First one: Helleborines.
Welcome…  Céad Míle Fáilte
Slieve League, Co. Donegal
Welcome to WildWest.ie our new mixture of photography, conservation, observation, sharing and just the joy of being out and about in this little island on the West of Europe. While some people use Golf, or more particularly — Fishing, we use the joy of photography as an incentive to actively research wildlife and habitats, species rare and common, water quality and conservation…
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An exploration of wild & interesting places in Ireland and their western European/American flora and fauna…
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1. Irish Helleborines. Images & Observation of the Taxa 2. Large population of Fragrant Orchids studied. (In preparation)
Birds, Butterflies, Insects, Mammals… all sorts of animals and maybe even some Microbial organisms that effect our water and aren’t really animals or plants!
This section, should we ever get around to it, will have more to do with SOCIAL ECOLOGY than Ecology — the effect of man and changing conditions on the normal order of habitats, plants and animals. Water quality is most important both to Nature and to our enjoyment and use of the countryside. For the moment please refer to our interest in Water Quality in Lough Allen over many years in an article on our sister website… LoughAllenBasin.com 
Casual day-to-day Records and Observations of species and landscape that don’t fit into other sections but which may be interesting or attractive in their own rights.
Some ideas. No reports prepared yet but certain live environmental issues are presented (slightly provocatively) as a means of encouraging debate. Go HERE. for a definition of “Social Ecology”. You can use the CONTACT US box or links to write to us. N.B. WildWest.ie is not a campaigning or complaining forum, rather one for sharing observations, records, concerns and, perhaps, helping improve our countryside!
TECHNICAL NOTE: This site is designed for desktop monitors and is laid out, by and large, as fixed width pages (1400px). We apologise if this necessitates some scrolling to read articles but it is thought to be the best format to present our information clearly. The site WILL NOT WORK ON SMARTPHONES but should be OK on larger tablets and laptops. Use Ctrl + and - on your Browser to scale your vie. For any specific technical issues please CONTACT US.
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Summer Snowflake A lovely vagrant to our shore
Common Scoter a rare Irish breeder

WildWest people…

Now retired, we share a passion for Birds, Plants, a bit of Geology and those small thingsl…. like orchid seeds, and creepy Cyanophyceae that can be natural but have also created harmful blooms in our lakes in the past. We love our country, now live and work mainly in the West but see all of Ireland as our little bit of paradise. Ireland has such a variety of landscape and geography with a range of exciting plants and animals if you know where to find them. While happy working together our years higlights are when visitors come from overseas to see our rare Flora and Fauna. Happy to meet you and show you around! It is important that these treasures are respected, protected and conserved and —we believe — the best way to do this is by sharing knowledge with people who always appreciate it. Hence… WildWest.ie David & Frances
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Some Plants and Animals recently mentioned in last years LOG (2017)
Toothwort A saprophyte
  KESH MOUNTAIN  Co. Sligo an isolated upland region with a rich Flora and History. EAGLE’S ROCK  Co Leitrim, a wilderness of cliffs, alpine flowers, landscape. The BURREN  Co. Clare, karst landscape full of lakes, orchids and mystery!
*Taxa Research Images and Observations


A little part of Europe, its western fringe facing across the Atlantic to North America! How do these two continents affect our wildlife and our environment. Firstly, Ireland was separated from Europe much longer than Britain so species that occupied Britain when there was a land-bridge never reached Ireland. So we have fewer species. Also many species we have originate from N. America (Atlantic species) or NW Iberia (Lusitanian). This makes for fascinating studies.
What’s Happening!          4th July 2018… Earliest record of Spiranthes romanzoffiana. Our dry Summer continues but it suits the Irish Lady’s Tresses which are now emerging in good numbers in many locations in the West of Ireland. We monitor these every year (and thanks to our recent visitors from Germany for their help). It looks like being a good year for them with dry weather and large expanses of suitable habitat exposed. Will they set seed this year? Do come and join us if you are interest in this species. (Contact Us)